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There is nothing quite as beautiful as spring in Long Island. As the world awakens from another cold Suffolk County and Nassau County winter season, it is the perfect time to celebrate the warming weather and your family’s togetherness with CLJ Photography spring family photos shoots. Whether for the Easter holiday, or simply to express the love you share, it is never too soon to book your upcoming spring family photo shoot!

As a photographer, I specialize in capturing stunning images with natural lighting. With all of Nassau County and Suffolk County at your doorstep, this is a wonderful chance to incorporate special outdoor and on-site locations into your spring family photo shoot. Is there a particular place that is memorable and magical to your family? Let’s bring it into your family photo! If you are not sure where to start, simply schedule a consultation. Over the years, I have taken spring family photos shoots all across Long Island, and am still full of unique and creative spring family photo ideas. Pose together with a sentimental treehouse, on a favorite beach, or even in your own backyard.

No family is too young or too old to commemorate another spring with professional portraits. While it is easier than ever to take and share a photograph with technology and the internet, my spring family photos shoots add the artistic touch that is missing from point-and-shoot photography. When we utilize my spring family photoshoot ideas, these images become lasting heirlooms. Your portraits can be given as gifts, used on an Easter card, hung in your home or office, or simply shared as a digital image.

If you would like some spring family photo ideas to gain inspiration, please ask to look at my full portfolio. To enjoy an image of your family, together, taken with professional photography equipment and perfectly styled, schedule a spring family photo shoot we me at CLJ Photography.

To organize the taking of your spring family photos shoot photographs in Nassau County or Suffolk County, Long Island, or Queens, New York, please contact myself, Claudette, today!

*There is a $25 travel fee for Queens and Suffolk County.

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